Transformation expertise is the critical success factor

The order of the day reads: Anchor transformation expertise in the company’s DNA!  This is what we regard to be the most fundamental requirement to ensure that companies and their business models can compete and survive. In this sense, transformation expertise means maintaining a flexible attitude toward a highly dynamic market environment and accepting changes with open arms. More is demanded here than merely agile and liquid processes and working environments (key word: smart working); a new mindset, a culture of willingness to change and the “desire to reinvent oneself continuously”, is essential.


“Non-business-meetings” play an important role in building professional relations especially in the CEE region. This paper provides five practical tips on what is advisable and what should be rather avoided during [...]

Michio Kaku – absolutely my favorite futurologist – once noted: “The future is about learning concepts and principles and not memorizing all those things.” He was referring to the increasing levels of robotization [...]

Two hundred robots are already working today in Deutsche Telekom’s Customer Service. During their discussion with Detecon consultant Michael Gerke, Daniel Münch and Sebastian Zeiss give some insights into their [...]

Companies have to change. There is no doubt that digital change is inevitable to stay in business. However, and quite enjoyable in this context, for many companies in the future the key differentiator won’t be [...]

Anyone who thinks of creative chaos and a mindset of “work however you want to” when the name Jung von Matt comes up could not be any more wrong. Inspiration can be planned, says executive officer Thomas Strerath, [...]

Deutsche Telekom is ambitious to become the “Leading European Telco”, as market leader for integrated services in the European footprint. However, never before the concept of leadership has been so contested: [...]

Putting a monetary figure on savings is not always the best possible result from a project. The kaizen principle demonstrates how consultants can work toward a permanent culture of improvement – to the client’s benefit.

Short product life cycles, complex markets, and a declining half-life value for knowledge demand more than just the transformation of the familiar working environment. The scope of change involves nothing less than [...]

The dynamics of the region as well as the good conditions for employers drove Michael Trüschler to Dubai. His idea: the founding of a lifestyle and luxury Television channel. He believes the factors for success when [...]


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